>Jazz Marathon- BXL 2007

>Jazz Marathon, BXL 2007

Celtica, around 22.OO. In spite of their grunge appearance, they were absolutely DIVINE! The guy who was playing the violin did the whole show. The “Nirvana” guy had his part too, but small. (quand même) I thought I was already in Heaven, no kidding.

Unfortunately we had to leave early. Roxy wasn’t feeling good while Camelia was stricken by a depression. She felt like a Genius between laughing sheeps, so we had to comfort her on the way home.

Pepe Café, in the heart of Saint Gery market. The double cocktail “Lonely Heart” for me and my friend – Cami stirred the attention of two old-ladies (very young in spirit though). According to them we were two young “lonely hearts”. At least we were comforted by the sweet grenadine mixed with bourbon and other alcohol drinks and the cooling piano jazz music…

Although the pianist did a great job, I couldn’t help not playing with my latest gadget! This would be great to kill the time at the lace shop. Of course, need to hide from the video-cameras. :))

Cami did a great job with the pictures. You can feel the art touch in them. Still, Photoshop is needed, to emphasize the message.

5 o’clock at Brussels/ 27.05.2007

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