>the royal garden – once upon a time

>It was one rather cloudy Sunday when I left the lace shop, leaving the poor Munever all by herself. Got home and thrown some jeans along with some red shirts on me. Definitely red IS my favorite color this season. (see the other posts)

And another favorite thing, independently of seasons, weight shown by scales or weather is the marvelous culinary creation of the best Turkish fast-food that ever existed in Brussels: “The Sultans of Kebap”. Having said that, it was obvious that after my red wrap I needed some chicken wrap. J. Therefore my next stop was at the Sultans to take some spicy Turkish food supplies for me and Steph. Oh, if I onl could describe with what a joy we devoured the wrap chicken in front of the royal Palace, while waiting the permission of the guard men to visit the Royal Gardens!!! It was a hell of a waiting to the Royal Doors picnic. Sorry, no picture of the magnificent Sultan kebap.

The Gardens proved to be as Royal as we imagined and hoped to be. Although, Steph asserted that back home in Romania, we have even better gardens, although not under a Royal name.

<– Steph

All in all, we had a great time strolling around and discovering all kind of plants popping in our way. I felt like Alice in Wonder World.

I felt like a midget and I even thought that a dinosaur might have been hidden somewhere after the enormous plants.

And fashionable as I am, I haven’t lost the chance to experiment the George of the Jungle style. Fancy hear dress, don’t you think?

After this extreme styling step, I thought of coming back to classic stuffs. So I could not help posing like the pure and enchanting beauty waiting for his charming rescuer.

Nice, isn’t it? But no rescuer so far. J

Some shots of the Royal Gardens’ beauties.

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One Response to >the royal garden – once upon a time

  1. Anonymous says:

    >bloody lace shop. I won’t enter there again, that’s for sure!!! traditional Belgian lace, handmade in China! give me a break!

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