>Mai Neim iZ GabRIEla end I am LeRNING INGLISH!

>I’ve never had the chance of good language teachers, neither in High School, nor during my undergraduate years. I remember that learning English or French at school was always about doing infinite grammar exercises and about learning the verbs. I think in Romania, learning verbs is considered the essential thing of a language. The vocabulary is almost forgotten, and the pronunciation has nothing to do with the natives’ one: “Gud moRniNG. Mai Neim iZ GabRIEla end I am LeRNING INGLISH”.

Given the Post-communism conditions, the only way to learn a foreign language is “self-teaching”, otherwise you’re lost in “Rs” and “INGs” or “tRéS bIEN” or “BiEN TOT’. J So, if you’re more an “autodidact” and you’re fond of web, nowadays you can find plenty of learning foreign languages web pages that can help you to improve your level. But the question is: how many of these give real results and how much time you need to really improve your pronunciation? At the end you can find yourself in the situation of the same: “INGs” or “tRéS bIEN”.

Well, guess what! Recently I discovered a completely new method of learning a foreign language. And it is not about learning only INGLISH or FRAN CAIS, but even Japanese, Chinese and even: Lithuanian! It doesn’t include any books, verb lists or any printed material at all! Basically, it works by using your neurological system, meaning that you’ll use the same method that you used when you learnt your native language. As child, you didn’t use any books or grammar rules, but you simply picked up your language. Well, this is the way Balingua works too. You just need to put your headsets on and to repeat some sentences. It works even better if you close your eyes and you just concentrate on imitating the speaker’s pronunciation. Although it is a revolutionary method, it is not very expensive. A 33 hours course is 33 euros, while a British Council’ one is around 420 euros + the transportation costs. J Moreover, you don’t have to find “Japanese Council” if you want some Japanese lessons. I have already tried it: KONICHIUA! IRASHAIMASE!

, to learn more about Balingua

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