>3 years on a Belgian ground!


September, 11, 2004 – I was stepping on Belgian ground. I picked up a little stone and slide it into my pocket. Now it’s in my wallet and 3 years have spent since then.

I was a lost Erasmus student, barely speaking any hint of French among all these Belgian fellows. Now I’m a Masters degree graduate, having received jury’s special distinction, IHECS, Brussels. Gosh… things are changing… I used to work in a bloody lace shop to support myself and pay the 3000 euros school fee (’cause I wasn’t part of EU when I enrolled) and now I’m part of ZN, e-marketing agency, helping global companies to grow their business. 😉 Cool!

Happy anniversary! Keep going!

PS- BTW, now I’ve got a wonderful garden in front of my room! Just the way I dreamed!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    >Felicitari !Lumea e a Ta!John Doe

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