>Romania- seen by others. Bad experience or just awfully funny?

>Anthony Bourdain visited Romania for a couple of days and hated most of his time there. Dracula’s castle was totally uninteresting and nothing from the pastoral scenery seemed to smoothen a bit his unpleased face. However he enjoyed eating “mici” and “ciorba” and strolling around in “Sapanta”the Merry Cemetery. His post about Romania on his blog raised no more than 1049 comments. Unhappy Romanians? Visitors that had a better Romanian experience?

The documentary about Romania cost the Romanian government around 20.000 dolars . Here below see the movies, considered outrageous by the Romanian press and authorities:

What do you think? I am Romanian and I considered them funny and partly true. :))) But there are other places to see and unfortunately, Anthony’s guide didn’t make the best choices. After all, he’s a Russian. What can a Russian possibly know about Romania, other than TZUICA or Palinca (an alcoholic drink comparable to vodka)?


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2 Responses to >Romania- seen by others. Bad experience or just awfully funny?

  1. Anonymous says:

    >Tony B e simpatik,dar in Romania a dat-o in bara.Sa impaieze rusu’ si sa mai faca emisiunea o data !

  2. Anonymous says:

    >Salut Gabriela.Ma numesc Ada, sunt din Bucuresti si as fi dorit sa te intreb cateva lucruri despre Bruxelles. As vrea sa calatoresc o saptamana si ma gandeam ca imi poti da cateva sfaturi generale. Mailul meu este ada_p01@hotmail.com. Multumesc mult.

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