>Brussels is ‘EU burglary capital’

>Irina was out on Monday evening, taking a quiz with her friends at De Valera’s, when her phone rang around 22.00. It was her flat-mate calling to give her the horrible news. – “Our flat has been burgled. They’ve stolen almost everything: the two laptops, play-station, money, identity cards and even clothes!”.

The police arrived almost 1h later after the theft had been reported. No sympathy was shown, as if they didn’t give a damn about it. They stayed just long enough to take some minimal statements and make a minimal list of the stolen goods. They didn’t bother to take any finger prints. It would have been too complicated, and besides it was late.

Today is Friday and Irina is still in shock. She was advised by the police not to hold out any hope of recovering any goods. As for the money, everything that she had managed to earn during this summer at her student job, well …”bye, bye and farewell!” ….

Elena’s house was burgled in November too. Marius’s flat was also broken into 5 months ago. My boss’s flat was burglarized as well. For some reason, now it was Irina’s & Umut’s turn.

By the way, according to Urban Audit report, Brussels is just ahead of London among the 27 EU capitals, with 11.2 domestic burglaries per 1,000 residents. Following this survey, the BBC has stated that “Brussels is not only the hub of European Union business – it is also the burglary capital of the EU”. Read the entire article here:

Brussels is ‘EU burglary capital’

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