>First night in my new flat

It’s a complete mess! I got no pictures at the moment to show you the “bordel” as the French say, but I can assure you that you can easily loose yourself amongst the mountains of boxes, the hills of carrier bags, the bits of furniture, the chest of drawers, chairs, buckets and whatever those things on the floor are.

However the bedroom looks absolutely lovely! The removal truck with furniture came unexpectedly from the UK yesterday, meaning that now we have a bed! And it is one of the most comfortable, beautiful, welcoming beds ever!Gelu, my budgie, seems happy in his unchanged cage-house. However my house, is changing with the minute, depending on my (& Chris’s) speed of cleaning the mess and arranging the stuff that invaded all the living room and the recently decorated hall. I am so proud of this hall (pictures to come later). Chris and I worked day and night (literally), in order to remove that horrible blue wallpaper, with white and blue elephants. I was bitchy with him, I admit it, but he also admitted the effort was worthwhile.Our TO DO list is still big: connect the washing machine, put some more wallpaper, make a tailor-made table for the kitchen, arrange the furniture, buy a freezer, find a place for all my clothes, clean the flat, decide which painting goes where, arrange the Liverpool corner and find a girlfriend for Gelu. I might have forgotten some other TO DO things, but the list remains open.

Later edit: I promised some pictures and here there are below. To see even more pics with my (and Chris’s) new flat, check my facebook profile. Enjoy!

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2 Responses to >First night in my new flat

  1. Marc says:

    >Pictures ! ;-)Congrats for the new flat.

  2. >Thank you very much, Marc!I will post some pics as soon as my flat becomes a little more presentable :))By the way, my budgie (perruche) Gelu has already a new friend – Gia. She is a lovely white yellowish budgie, a bit timid at the moment. :)Cheers!

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