>Gabriela needs …

>This is a game built on hazard. Its result can be totally random with no link to reality. However, amongst all the sentences displayed, you can find bits of truth.

How does it work?
Go to your favorite search engine and enter your FIRST name and the word NEEDS in quotes “[Your name] needs”, and see what comes up. List the first 10 sentences that make sense.

I used Google and the results were:
-So Gabriela needs it, as do all kids. It seems more than cooincidental that minority kids are often denied this tool
-Gabriela needs a 2000 soles loan to invest in the purchase of jackets and pants. -Gabriela dreams of educating her children, having a better income and a …
-Gabriela needs the DREAM act to pass in order to put her skills and talents to work for this country
-Gabriela needs to share her knowledge and passion of this dance.
-Gabriela needs someone who has got a strong personality, someone who can manage with her celebrity”
-Gabriela needs to tell her now if she wants that.
-Gabriela needs $900. She says, “Maybe I’ll get lucky and win the lottery.”
-Gabriela needs to specify the tasks that she wants to do before > assessing whether any system
-Gabriela needs a job;
-Gabriela needs to decide which way she goes, so she’s taking time out.
-Gabriela needs to be congratulated for drawing attention to such an important topic.

I can tell you that some of these are utterly true :)))
What about your results, are they true & meaningful or just a bunch of nonsense?

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