>Can you hear me Europe?

http://www.caneuhearme.eu/eu/ is a very cool initiative to promote the elections for the European Parliament. Aimed to be appealing especially to a young audience (youngsters, teenagers and early 20s and 30s), “Can you hear me Europe” invites you to shout, in order to show your love for Europe.  The action itself is brilliant and has a lot of potential. It is a combination of events supported by MTV, well-known artists, public involvement and new media. There are discussions on twitter about the European Parliament elections, a facebook application to promote your shout (written), a flicker wall where you can upload your pictures (when shouting), videos of famous singers talking about Europe and a lot more.

I believe that this combination of new media & events is more likely to raise awareness around the European Parliament and the coming elections, amongst an audience which generally is not that interested in such topics. 

Some points that I would improve: 

– the translations, which were not that accurate 

– the design & layout, which seems a bit too dull (could have some more colour here and there in order to highlight some areas of interest)

– too much scrolling down – which I believe it diminishes the reader’s interest and can make the navigation through the website a bit too complicated

– the bloggers’ involvement

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