>My birthday – a big thing not only for me, but also for the companies I am buying from

>On my birthday, not only have I been congratulated by my friends and family, but also by some companies. This is fine, because birthday celebration is a good occasion to reconnect with your customer, remind him/her about your brand/ products / services. However, companies should be careful with the way they approach “customer’s birthday”, so they don’t diminish their “capital sympatie”. Below find my experience as a customer on the occasion of my birthday:

Brussels Kart: Two weeks before my birthday, I got an email from Brussels Kart which was congratulating me for my birthday and was offering me a real present. I was invited to a free 15-minute karting session on a day at my choice. The only thing that I needed to do was to print out the email, check for circuit’s availability and get my present – an awesome karting that I enjoyed . Which I did and I was extremely happy. The result of this action? I was reminded that Brussels Kart still exists, it is there, somewhere close to Basilique in Brussels and it is a great place to have fun and get some adrenaline. Secondly, I had an enjoyable experience which was a true present (provided that almost no company gives you something for granted these days). And thirdly, not only that I took an action shortly after the email sent out (I went to the circuit and used the service), but I also took my fiancé, who bought a 15-minute karting ride for himself. So instead of one happy client, Brussels Kart had two happy clients. Shortly after my Brussels kart session, I shared with my friends my great experience and reminded them about Brussels Kart. Thus I walked the talk. So well done, Brussels kart!

Yves Rocher: on second day after my birthday I was phone up by a woman from Yves Rocher (the so-called “natural” cosmetics company). The reason of the call was to congratulate me for my birthday. Until here, everything fine. Than I was asked how I felt about my birthday. To be honest, this question sounded really stupidly. How did I feel? Well, as any person that celebrated his/her birthday. The next thing after “congratulations” and “how do you feel now that you got older” was “we want to offer you a present”. Only that the present was not a true present but just a 50% discount on all their cosmetics. I said “just a 50% discount” because last time Yves Rocher called me, was also to inform me that they had 50% discount on all their products. Therefore, now, having again 50% discount wasn’t a big thing for me, it was just normal. To continue, after informing me about their great deal they had, I was asked what products I needed. As I was at work and my mind wasn’t really on ordering Yves Rocher products I replied candidly “Nothing. I still have your products from my last order”. Following on from my honest answer, the Yves Rocher woman mumbled something and hang up exactly when I was preparing to ask whether this offer was available on their website also and if I could order products on their website using these benefits. The result of this action? Disappointing. Although I like most of Yves Rocher products, as the YR representative hung up on my, I got angry, I felt deceived and was less likely to order products any time soon. If the woman on the phone had waited a bit and asked me other questions, she could have taken advantage of my interest and sympathy for the Yves Rocher products. I was at that time ready to go to Yves Rocher website with the intention to buy something. But instead I felt that Yves Rocher couldn’t care less about my birthday and as I am quite emotional, I will not buy anything from them anytime soon. In conclusion, bad Yves Rocher!

References.be: Also on the occasion on my birthday, References.be, the francophone job portal, sent me an email to congratulate me for this event. The email contained a visual showing some wrapped presents being offered by somebody. So, instantly, I thought of receiving presents. It was my birthday after all! Only that the text inside was just about me being congratulated, bottom line- “Happy birthday”. Of course, the email contained also some links to job search pages, but for some reason, I felt that their action was too faded. It didn’t invite me to take any action. It didn’t really take advantage of the occasion and propose me something or to suggest something of my interest. On the other way, I didn’t feel frustrated either, as I did with Yves Rocher representative. Result of the action: neutral. It reminded me about References.be (as I wasn’t reminded of References.be daily, via their job newsletter, that in most of the case is not relevant for my profile, despite the “job search agent created”. But this is another story).

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