I wish I never trusted Michalopoulos jewelry shop in Zakynthos for my wedding ring. It may be the best jewelry shop on the island, but this did not stop my ring to get broken, 6 months after the wedding

I removed the content of the original post  from my blog on 21 Nov 2014, following request and threats coming from the  shop’s representing lawyer. My freedom of speech had been impeded. I did not want a lawsuit  in a country whose language I don’t know, with extra-expenses on top of my grief. I just wanted a resolution of the unfortunate situation of my wedding ring. In the end, the resolution was only at my expense as we could not reach a satisfactory agreement with the shop whose owner refused even to reimburse the cost of repair that lasted only one month…

The facts are: my ring lost three of its diamonds 6 months after my wedding. It got repaired by the jewelry shop in Zakynthos and one month later following the repair, two other diamonds fell. 

As per European Consumer Center, I would have been entitled to a full refund based on the two year guarantee and based on a repair whose outcome lasted only one month. The shop declined the refund and offered instead to redo the ring or to provide another ring for the same value. I would have had to pay however the shipment and insurance cost for getting back the ring to Zakynthos. I refused, as I would have spent more than 100 euro for the shipment and I would have not have the guarantee that the second repair will actually last. 

My husband and I decided to redo from scratch the ring locally at our expense. I asked the jewelry shop at least to reimburse us the cost of the initial repair that lasted only one month. They refused. Also they refused to provide me with the two diamonds that got lost after the initial repair.

As for my broken ring, it may have been just a simple thing like bad luck and human error related to the manufacturing. But it DID happen and the way the shopkeeper managed this situation is simply outraging. You don’t accuse a bride that her ring broke 6 months later only because of her fault and you don’t send your lawyer to threaten her by claiming that her story is fake.

It may be indeed a beautiful shop, most respectable on the island, but no past happy customer’s experience could wave the personal distress, frustration, anger, despair and disappointment that this affair caused me. If I could go back in time, I personally would not chose my wedding ring from there.

my_freedom_of_speech_impedeed In the end, we decided to redo the ring from scratch by using the remaining diamonds and gold. After the diamonds fell already twice, (second time only one month after the shop’s repair), we no longer trust Zakynthos best and ‘well-renowned’ jewelery shop. ——————————————————————————————————–

My wedding ring bought_from GoldM- Michalopoulos and one month after the repair

My wedding ring bought from Mich..los and one month after the repair performed at the jeweler’s workshop


And here it is my wedding ring today, after being redone from scratch in Belgium. Ring redone, edges reinforced. More gold was added to protect the diamonds that were set lower within the gold.

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One Response to I wish I never trusted Michalopoulos jewelry shop in Zakynthos for my wedding ring. It may be the best jewelry shop on the island, but this did not stop my ring to get broken, 6 months after the wedding


    Dear Mrs Doicaru – Spencer

    As I have mentioned to you in previous mails, the facts relating to the purchase of your ring are the following:

    At the 5-9-2013, you bought from our shop the ring, which you had chosen and you had informed from us about its characteristics, that was in excellent condition, without any defect or lack of guaranteed properties. We also informed you about the way you have to use the ring, because it was a fine piece of jewelry, that needs good treatment and that you have to avoid the misuse of it, we also gave you the certificate of its characteristics (weight of gold, carat of gold and the diamonds)

    After a whole year, that you have not complained about any defect of the ring, you brought it to our shop, completely damaged, in extremely bad condition, missing three stones of it. All this damages were due to maltreatment of it from your side, consequently to your liability and fault, and not to any defect of the ring or fault of our shop. This facts are prooved by relative documents of the specialised workshop – it is the workshop that produced the specific design – that repaired your ring, without any charge of labor cost.

    So, according to the law (the European Consumer Law and the Greek Civil Law), you have no right to ask the withdrawal of the bought and the fully refund from us.

    However, nevertheless the fact that we are not responsible for the damages of your ring and only for the reason that you were a client of our shop, although we are not required by law, we offered you to replace the ring, with a same one, or with one with the same characteristics and price.

    Unfortunately, you continue to have unconventional and illegal behaviour, you demand from us to refund and you tell us that if we don’t satisfy your unfounded demand, then you will destroy the reputation of our shop and “I will not hesitate to tell about my experience with the ring purchased from your shop”, by slandering us, that is fact with this post-article, and “complaint against Michalopoulous shop at the European Consumer Centre and take additional actions”.

    With this reply, we inform you to stop this illegal behaviour against us and we ask to remove this post-article, otherwise we inform you that we will take all the legal actions to protect our interests.


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