For my Greek opponents: The two posts removed. Happy?

For the sake of solving the issue with my broken wedding ring, I am removing my latest two posts. My freedom of speech has been impeded.

I was accused of attempt to slander a company’s name when I was just sharing my personal experience on my personal blog. I was threatened by a Greek lawyer representing the jeweler whose services I was complaining about. I was writing my personal experience. The lawyer assessed that everything was false. I was requested to remove my posts, otherwise I would face legal actions. And I did it, I did it to facilitate the resolution of my broken wedding ring issue.

We live in a time when customers can and have right to review services or products that they bought. If a company doesn’t like the review or complaint that some one made on  his/her personal blog, this company should take it constructively, not to send a lawyer to protects its “business interests” by impeding consumer’s right of freedom of speech.

My Greek counterparts – jeweler and lawyer may want to read the following guidelines on freedom of expression online and offline.



Update 2 Dec 2014: And two questions for the jeweler and his lawyer:

– How many times a day are you removing your wedding ring to ‘protect’ it?

– How many times a day is your wife removing her wedding ring to ‘protect’ it?

A wedding ring’s place is on a finger. Not on a shelf.


Update 4 Dec 2014:  I would like to share with you that no  bride should have to experience repeated issues and conflicts related to her wedding ring in the first 9 months after her wedding. If it had been any other piece of jewelry, I wouldn’t have bothered and definitely I wouldn’t have put that much energy and time into it. But it is my wedding ring that we are taking about, that very important piece of jewelry that symbolizes so much. If you wear one, you would understand.





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