Message for Gold M Michalopoulos jewelry management: no bride should suffer for her wedding ring

Dear Jeweler,

I have been told that your shop is the best jeweler on the Zakynthos island.  I have received several recommendations based on which I decided to trust your services. I admit, the shopping experience was great, but the purchase turned out to be a nightmare.

You might have hundreds of happy and satisfied customers that would always come back and buy further. I am not be amongst them.

No bride should experience repeated issues and conflicts related to her wedding ring, especially in the first 9 months after her wedding. Also, no bride should be chased by a lawyer threatening to sue her if she does not remove her blog posts in which she had written about her experience with the jewelery shop her wedding ring came from.

My wedding ring lost 3 of its diamonds, just six months after the wedding. My wedding ring was repaired in your shop and one month after the repair, two other diamonds were lost whilst clapping.

You did not like that I asked for a refund, as I no longer trusted your shop. You did not like that I shared my bad experience with your shop on my personal blog, so you threatened me via your lawyer that you would sue me if I was not removing my posts. Outrageously,  your lawyer (representing you) claimed that my story was false.

my_freedom_of_speech_impedeedCapture_my_reply_to_laywerYou did not like that I filled a complaint at the European Consumer Centre in Belgium and Greece and you refused to refund us the cost of the ring. Indeed you offered us to replace the ring with an identical one. But you asked us to pay for shipment and insurance of the ring, as if returning of the ring would not be part of the replacement process. Nevertheless, who would have guaranteed us that same issue would not reappear later on? After all, the ring was repaired by your workshop that you claimed to be respectable. So respectable and trustworthy that workshop was, that the ring got broken again one month after the repair.

We decided in the end to redo from scratch the wedding ring at a jeweler in Belgium at our expense. We only requested from you to reimburse us the cost of the repair work that was performed in the Greek workshop you are working with or to send us the two missing diamonds. You refused again.

Now I am wondering. Should you actually get this message, will you ask your lawyer again to threaten me with a trial in case I don’t remove this post? Which part will it be claimed as being false?

If it had been any other piece of jewelry, I wouldn’t have bothered and definitely I wouldn’t have spent that much energy and time for it. But it is my wedding ring that we are disputing and this story caused me a lot of personal distress. Nevertheless you said to my husband that you wished to make his wife happy and to resolve this matter. Yet, you only made me unhappy and each of your reply just added to my grief. The way you handled this matter just made my experience with your shop even worse. For me, the after sale service was simply horrid.

If I had been you and had the reimbursement really been out of the question (we are aware of course about the economical downturn Greece is facing), I would have proposed the unhappy and disappointed bride not only the ring repair (full redone from scratch, which you already proposed) but also full coverage of all the shipment and insurance costs. On top of this I would have provided a written guarantee that should the ring experience similar issues, it would be redone at the shop’s full expense with all the shipment and insurance costs covered by the shop. In this way, any fear and mistrust in the quality of service and repair would have been covered.

But, you were more interested in ensuring to remove any online negative review about your company. You did not care about my rights, about my extremely bad experience with your company and not to mention all the personal distress that I had to endure as a result of the quality of the services and products purchased via your company. I would recommend you attend a course on business ethics and customer post-sale care.

You may have many happy customers. Your shop might have offered excellent services to many other customers.  In my case, the collaboration with your shop turned out to be a nightmare. I am the unhappy customer. Very unhappy. Very disappointed.

In the following, I wish you all the best and I hope you will learn something from this story. As for me, I will try to leave these unfortunate events behind as I experienced too  much pain.

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