I stumbled on this blog post written obviously by a very happy customer of the jeweler in Zakynthos. It is rather funny as up to this day (11th of April, 2015) there is no other post on Angie’s blog, just this one praising her experience. I suppose she got my blog’s details from the jeweler’s who complained about my ‘unappropriated’ behavior of sharing my story. How dare I to complain about my personal experience? And I also suppose that the jeweler asked her to post something in return, something about her very happy experience. Hence her very first blog post on her personal blog. I noticed also that the post has all the tags that I used in my previous ‘complaining’ posts. And a message for Angie, the author of the post “My lovely experience in GoldM Michalopoulos Jewellery shop in Zakynthos for my wedding ring”

Dear Angie, First of all congratulations on your up-coming wedding! I know from my experience that wedding planning can be exhausting. Good luck with all the preps! I see we have quite a few things in common. My husband and I also considered getting married on the Zakynthos island too, as we spent three lovely holidays there. This was one of the reasons for which we decided to get the wedding ring from Zakynthos, in the memory of the lovely time we had on the island. Unfortunately, this decision turned out to be a nightmare, at least for me. I noticed your article posted on a blog especially created to praise your experience with the jeweler. Meanwhile, just look at the picture of my wedding ring, taken one month after the jeweler repaired my ring. I am sure you can find it on my blog. I understand your friendship with the owners.I understand your very lovely experience with the shop. When I bought the ring, I was treated very carefully by the sales person. On the other hand, please understand I paid a little fortune on the ring, added 130 for a repair that lasted one month and then more than 400 euros to repair the ring locally. That’s too much, don’t you think? And I cannot quantify all the pain I have been through, especially as a fresh bride. I know you want to do well and defend your jeweler – friend based on your lovely experience. I had too a lovely experience with the shop when I purchased the ring. The nightmare came afterwards, meaning 6 month after the wedding. I truly hope it will not be your case as well. Also, take into account that it is not you who have been harassed with a lawyer engaged by the jeweler and accused wrongly that you posted lies when only the personal experience was exposed. Also, it is not you who have been accused of not taking care properly of a the ring (as if it was an egg or sth like that). Anyway,  I asked the jeweler at least to send me the two lost diamonds and he refused. And Angie,  regarding your writing debut, I hope you will continue to write further on your blog about your life, opinions, experience and so on. I do write also about other stuff, not only about my painful experience e.g. my broken ring affair. You could start with a wedding blog. 🙂 Anyway, I wish you and the jeweler a long lasting collaboration and friendship. I truly can imagine the jeweler and his family can be usually lovely people and know in general how to make their customers happy. It just turned out that I was the unhappy customer that had twice issues with a ring purchased in their shop. My ring got broken twice and the jeweler did not want to accept that the fault might have been on their side. Also jeweler did not want to accept that I was no longer trusting their workshops, after having twice issues with my ring. They did not know how to handle my disappointment with their service, they did not understand how much pain this affair caused me and they did not know how to provide me with guarantee that indeed their services could be satisfactory and the ring would not lose its diamonds a third time. Now my ring has been fixed, locally, in the country where I live. It’s been reinforced with gold and the diamonds are set deeper within the gold, compared to how it was before. I hope that the management of Gold M – Mich…poulos jewelery will learn something from this story. As for me, I learned that I should never buy expensive jewelry abroad unless the jeweler covers all the return & insurance costs and that a proper manufacturer guarantee is given. By the way, below you can find some extract of one of the emails sent  to the jeweler a while ago, asking to put an end to this affair in a very elegant manner. I received a negative reply. I reiterated my request several times afterwards. Again, congratulations on your upcoming marriage! And sorry that you got caught in a conflict that is not really of your concern. The jeweler should know best how to make their clients happy and solve the conflicts associated to their products. It’s human to make mistakes. It takes courage and wisdom to accept and repair the mistakes. ”

Dear Mr Michalopoulos,
Shipping the two diamonds is a very elegant and convenient solution for your company. Firstly, your company will not pay for the additional manufacturing costs. Secondly, your company will not be held responsible to provide a guarantee for the re-manufacturing of the ring.
(note: paragraph removed)
So it is actually beneficial for you to ship me the 2 diamonds that were lost after the repair done by your workshop. I trust your business ethics to do this. Also, your experience as a jeweler can agree that there must have been some issue with the ring if it broke again one month after your workshop repaired it.
(note: paragraph removed)
As a respected businessman, as a person with common-sense and as an Orthodox, I believe you would like to put an end to this affair.  I trust your conscience to do so. I came to your shop as a future bride and was happy to find my wedding ring in Zakynthos, an island that I visited already three times and where I spent wonderful time.
With all that happened, the service of your shop put a stained on my wedding and also on the Greek culture that I actually love. It also caused me a lot of personal pain, insomnia, affected my health and not to mention loss of money. Would you agree that your wife, niece or daughter (if you have one) goes through the same experience?
I trust your ethics and conscience.”


My lovely experience in GoldM Michalopoulos Jewellery shop in Zakynthos for my wedding ring.

A couple of years ago i visited Zakynthos island with my fiance and three more couples.After browsing the shops in Zakynthos town we ended up in a big corner shop with lots of branded watches and handmade jewellery.There i saw my lovely engagement ring that my fiance and i searching a long time….a white gold,18carat 0,50 carat diamont ring.I was very happy with my purchase because the owner of the shop,his son and the sale assistant made as feel sure and safe for our choice.I swear to my self that whenever i need to by other pieces of jewellery i would defenetly think to visit this shop even if that means extra expenses for travelling back to Greece….

This summer we decided to get married in Zakynthos.So a couple of days ago we visited the…

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